Energy efficiency and green energy technologies

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Authors of articles must indicate the conference section they belong to when sending their abstracts.

The article is accessed by registering on the page by linking to the relevant conference page.

The article should be submitted in one-column text format and should be 3-6 pages.
The article should be submitted in one of Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English languages. At the beginning of the article, an abstract (250 words) and keywords (4-5 numbers) should be given in 2 languages (in which the article was prepared and in one of the other 3 conference languages).

The article should be prepared in MS Word in A4 format (left and right - 2 cm, top and bottom - 2.5 cm), Times New Roman font size 12 pt, 1.0 line spacing, and leaving 1 cm indentation in the text.

The article should be prepared in the following order: the title of the article - in the middle, in capital letters, in bold, 6 pt spacing at the end, the full name of the author (s) - in the middle; author(s) place of work, city and country - in the middle, 6 pt interval at the end (if the authors represent different organizations, the name of the author and organization is numbered with a superscript), e-mail address.

Bibliography: the name of each cited source is numbered according to the order in which it is used in the article, without translation.


In the article, tables and figures are numbered: table - above the table, from the right (eg, Table 1), figure - below the figure, from the middle (eg, Figure 1), and the text part (from top and bottom) is displayed by leaving 1 blank line.

Mathematical expressions are compiled with the formula editor (Equation) of the MS Word program. Only formulas used in the text are numbered. The formula is written in the middle of the line, and the number is written in parentheses on the right.

When an article is sent to the conference, information about the authors: author's full name (surname, first name, patronymic), scientific degree, scientific name, place of work, position, telephone number, title of the article, section number and name of the conference are presented in the e-mail.